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Karen A. Fraioli

Priest Associate

Karen has been affiliated with St. John's Westwood since 2011: originally as our Priest-In-Charge from September 2011 through December 2014, and then, after taking some time away, as our retired Priest Associate from 2015 through to today.

Karen and her husband Ed have lived in Sharon for the past 50 years, after living briefly in Upstate New York and Michigan. She hails from Illinois and has many family members still there. Karen and Ed have children and grandchildren in Brooklyn and Denver: places she loves to visit. Karen was ordained in 1994 and has served parishes in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She enjoyed studying at Brown and Harvard Divinity School.

Today she is grateful to be part of a parish that is intent on loving and serving in the name of Christ. She particularly enjoys to lead our children's events, the St. Nicholas' Day celebration at the beginning of December and the Path to Easter activities and reflective service at the beginning of Holy Week.


Karen A. Fraioli
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