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St. John's welcomes you to explore your faith, grow deeper in love, and make impactful change in your community --- in short, to participate in and to build up God's kingdom here in our world and in our hearts. Join us this loving community, present and making a difference in MetroWest since 1953.

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The Rev. John J. Bishop

The Rev. Lewis B. Sheen

The Rev. William Buttrick

   The Rev. Norman J. Faramelli

The Rev. J. Clark Grew II

   The Rev. John R. Knight

The Rev. Michael Corrigan

   The Rev. Frederick W. Phinney

   The Rev. Susan L. Geissler-O'Neil

The Rev. Stephen V. Smith

   The Rev. Daniel F. Crowley

The Rev. Judith F. Clark

The Rev. Karen A. Fraioli

The Rev. Dr. Jennifer M. Phillips

   The Rev. Noble F. Scheepers

The Rev. V. Michael Bousquet

October 1956 - May 1966      

July 1966 - May 1969

September 1969 - February 1977    

June 1978 - June 1982 

August 1983 - June 1988    

    August 1989 - September 2004

   January 2006 - September 2011

September 2011 - December 2014 

February 2015 - June 2021       

January 2023 - present           

Our recent history has been noted by continued growth and faith-filled impact. In 1991, under the leadership of our sixth rector, the Rev. Stephen V. Smith, we completed the 23-rank C.B. Fisk-designed organ and dedicated it to the memory of Dorothy Chace. In 2000, the parish called Mrs. Emily S. Sugg to be our Children and Youth Minister. In 2002, we undertook our first service-learning trip to Honduras, which continues to this day, now at Copán with UrbanPromise. In 2023, we called our ninth rector, the Rev. V. Michael Bousquet and will celebrate with joy our 70th anniversary in September. We welcome all to join our story and become a part of our history!

Our History

The first mention of an interest in having an Episcopal church in Westwood arose in the mid-1940s, and in the early 1950s, the Massachusetts Council of Churches encouraged a canvass of Episcopal strength in Westwood. Under the leadership and guidance of the Venerable Herbert Johnson, Archdeacon of New Bedford, a group of canvassers rang 1,200 doorbells and spoke with an additional 1,000 other individuals, to identify 135 households interested in attending and supporting a new Episcopal parish in our community.


In September 1953, Mr. Johnson called a meeting for “all persons interested in forming an Episcopal mission in Westwood.” Those who attended chose to name the community after St. John, the beloved disciple, and appointed officers and an executive committee and signed by-laws. Services were held at the nearby Deerfield School, with Archdeacon Johnson officiating, for the first year and a half.


By March 1955, the church community had constructed a church building opposite from the Deerfield School and the Right Reverend Norman B. Nash, Bishop of Massachusetts, consecrated it.


In October 1956, the Reverend John J. Bishop was called to be St. John’s first full-time rector. In 1959, the Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts granted St. John's parochial status. By our tenth anniversary, the parish had outgrown the church; thus, in 1963, a building program was begun for an enlarged church and the new parish hall, both of which were dedicated in 1965.



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