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We welcome your interest in receiving, for yourself or for your child, 

the Sacrament of Holy Baptism here at St. John's.

Baptism is available to any person desiring to become a member of Christ's Church and is a full and complete initiation into the faith and adoption into the  Body of Christ.

Baptism is always administered in the context of Sunday worship, either at the 10:00am or 5:30pm service. As Baptism is entry into the church, the church, as constituted by the St. John's parish community, will be present to welcome the newly baptized. Although there are certain Sundays that are most appropriate to celebrate Baptism, the rector will work with you to find the right Sunday for you, your family, and your friends. Baptisms cannot be offered during Advent or Lent.

The rector will meet with you ahead of time to help schedule and prepare you for the sacrament. Please email the rector today to inquire about Baptism at St. John's!

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