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The search committee receives a blessing on September 19th.
St. John's is in the midst of the search process for our next Rector. As we journey through the calling process, we want to keep our parish up to date.

Search Status

March 2022








Rector Search Committee – March 27, 2022
Update from Tom Viti

We finished work on our Parish Profile, which includes text and photos, and sent it to a web designer to put everything together.  The Profile is a snapshot of parish life at St. John’s and will be featured on our web page and at the Diocese’s page.  It’s the first look that prospective candidates will have of St. John’s.  Our Regional Canon, Diocesan consultant and the St. John’s Vestry all need to approve the Profile.

The next task for the RSC is to complete two Diocesan forms that ask for finance, church goals, worship style, rectory details and other information.  Some of this will come from the Profile and from the parish survey.  We’ll also work with the Vestry and Noble help with this phase.

We will start to discuss the interview process shortly.  Candidates interested in St. John’s Rector position will present their intention through the detailed Clergy Ministry Portfolio.  The RSC can ask for additional information and will have written questions for each candidate to determine the ones to invite for interviews.

This phase of the search process is sometimes called discernment.  Our next Rector will be our spiritual guide and leader.  The committee needs to engage in deep and meaningful reflection in choosing a candidate.  We are thankful for the prayers and support we’ve received from the Congregation.


Committee member and prayer leader Lynne Kozlowski and Noble will ask everyone to set aside time to pray for the Committee.  Details about this will be announced.

November 29, 2021


Thank you to all members of St. John’s who replied to the parish survey.  We had a strong response and are certain that your input will help the committee in its search for our new Rector.  The committee will meet on December 1 to review the survey results and to plan for the next step in the process, which is to compile the Parish Portfolio.  We will reach out to those people who indicated they want to speak with a committee member.  We appreciate the support and encouragement we’ve received from everyone.  

Tom Viti, Chair                                                                                                                                                                                    St. John’s Rector Search Committee 

November 17, 2021

The parish survey deadline has been extended to this Sunday, Nov. 21 @ 5pm.  We've had a good response so far, but more will certainly help the Search Committee in its work.  Thank you to those that have already submitted your surveys.


Here's the link - please let me know if you have any questions. 

Please note that some questions have a ranked choice option.  Select your three (3) or five (5) top choices as indicated in the question. 




Dear Parishioners,   

The Rector Search Committee is seeking your input with a parish-wide survey!

We believe the survey results will help us to call the candidate whose values, interests, strengths, and vision most closely match ours.  Members of a household are welcome to complete the survey together or individually. 

The survey is meant to be easy to complete.  Some questions have ranked choice options.  If you are using a hand-held device, you may need to scroll to the side or rotate your phone to see all the options.

If there are additional issues which you would like us to consider, or any topics you would like to explore in greater depth, please let us know by reaching out to us. All parishioner input is welcome and will be kept confidential for the sole use of the committee in our search.

The survey will close on Monday, November 16 at 8:00pm.   

Following Church services on Sundays November 7 & 14, members of the Committee will be on hand to assist anyone who needs help in filling out the survey. If you need a link to the survey, contact us at:

We look forward to your input!  Thank you.  


Tom Viti, Chair

St. John's Rector Search Committee

September 2021

Dear St. John’s Parishioner,


At their meeting on August 26, the St. John’s Vestry voted to request that the search committee assume the following responsibilities on behalf of the vestry:


  • Elect search committee leadership, including a chair (or co-chairs), recording secretary and a chaplain

  • Work with the search consultant contracted by the vestry

  • Build a sense of community and common purpose, strengthen knowledge of each other and develop strong communication levels

  • Establish, and revise periodically as necessary, a projected timetable for fulfillment of the search committee’s responsibilities

  • Determine the format for and conduct a self-study of the congregation

  • Refine our parish profile, which briefly describes the parish – its passions, hopes and dreams for the future, and gifts for ministry desired in a new rector.

  • Complete the community portfolios and forward them to the regional canon to be uploaded on the OTM website and the Transition Ministry Conference newsletter.

  • Develop and implement a process for screening candidates including written questions, reference checks, phone interviews, visits and interviews with final candidates

  • Develop a uniform system of rating and ranking candidates

  • Communicate the progress of the search committee regularly to the parish through announcements, bulletins and newsletters

  • Communicate with candidates promptly their status in the process

  • Recommend one final candidate to the vestry for election and call

Other News:

The Search Committee is developing a confidential survey to better understand how the Congregation feels about the current and future needs of St. John’s.  We want to hear from as many members of the parish – kids, teens, adults, and seniors – as possible.  The information gathered will help to refine our Parish Profile and guide us in selecting a new Rector.  Individual responses will be private and for the Committee’s use only.  We expect the survey will be distributed in October.

At our Sept. 19, Sunday service, Rev. Noble Scheepers blessed the Search Committee in its work on behalf of St. John’s.

Our search for a new Rector

To learn more about St. John’s use this link to our Parish Profile.  We are a loving faith community and welcome all interested applicants.

September 2022

Please see our Search Committee Update here

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